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Sep 07 2010 Published by admin under First Post

Welcome to the Marquee Event Group Blog!

We want to promote what we’re into, what inspires us, what’s new, what’s hot and what just worked so well you will want to add it to your next event. We also want to introduce you to our team and the amazing team of vendors we work with. Our plan is to have a few recurring themes that we will blog about while pointing out our favorite venues and partners. We’ll also have a regular posting called Uniquely Marquee and the name says it all. It will be things that are totally unique to our company that we want to share with you. You’ll hear from everyone on the Marquee team at some point.

We’ve never been shy about why we exist — it’s for you!
The talented people we work with and the experience we bring to events are the things that make us who we are; we will share them with you right here each week. Subscribe to our blog, join in the conversation and get to know us a little better.

Along with our blog, we’ll continue to update our Facebook page, Twitter, and websites on a regular basis so make sure to connect with us there.

We’ll have lots of photos to share -** shout out to all of photographers!**- if you want to share your photos with us we’ll gladly give you photo credit and a link to your website.

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