18x22 Copper Tray
Candelabra Short 5 Branch
Beverage Jar
$0.65$1.05 Select options
16" Mirror Tray
Salt & Pepper Sets
Salt & Pepper Sets

All sets come filled.

$3.15$5.15 Select options
Brass Carving Station
Brass Carving Station

w/ single heat lamp.

Heat Lamp Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel Heat Lamp

w/ double heat lamp.

Ice Sculpture Tray 66"x24"
Ice Sculpture Tray 66″x24″

66″x24″ clear acrylic tray with drain tube.

Wood Tray with Handles
Wood Tray with Handles

30″ square tray.

Plate Cover Stainless Steel 10.5"
Plate Cover Stainless Steel 10.5″

This cover fits our White Stoneware Dinner Plate